Run for Biodiversity
Lilian is raising funds to support USC's biodiversity efforts. 

To accomplish this, she and her sister are selling purple and purple tie-dyed hats.

To order, please e-mail her at

Hats of the following styles will be available, in limited quantities.  Exact colours and designs will vary, as each tie-dyed piece is an original.

Quantities are limited. 
bucket hat $14
The classic cotton bucket hat, tie-dyed purple. $14
single layer toque $12
Single-layer cotton toque, tie-dyed purple (hat starts white, grey shown here only to allow enough contrast to see the hat shape).
This is not a very warm toque, more of a mild-weather head warmer. $12
Baseball cap $9
cotton baseball cap, tie-dyed purple $9
Purple Earflap toque, acrylic $15
Jacquard knitted with microfleece, 100% acrylic.  Not tie-dyed.  Hat comes from the factory in white and purple.  $15
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